Our Oil


T he D'ANGELO family has been making and selling Extra Virgin Olive Oil for almost two centuries. Our brand is founded on quality and authenticity and is made especially for those who appreciate good food and the real taste of ITALIAN Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our D'ANGELO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the product of a long family tradition combined with our passion for olive oil milling and the love we have for our land. The quality of our oil is always consistent and boasts the following organoleptic qualities: a delicate fruity bouquet, golden green colour and a smooth wellbalanced taste that is mildly bitter but never strong. Our olives are carefully selected and hand-harvested the traditional way going straight from the tree to our cutting edge milling facility. Our oil is best enjoyed uncooked. It tastes great with fish and light salads. Try adding it to vegetable, bean and lentil soups just before serving or drizzle it on any type of meat or grilled vegetable. We think it's excellent on a simple piece of rustic home-baked bread.

Keep away from light and heat at a temperature of 14 – 18 °C